An absolutely original headwear, TÊTE DE BOIS is a comfortable, adjustable and wearable piece of art, resulting from the combination of industrial design, architecture and fashion design. Entirely conceived, developed and produced in Italy, TÊTE DE BOIS is the first and unique design wooden headwear.

TÊTE DE BOIS spurs from the will to mold such a noble material as wood, to become a comfortable every-day accessory. Taking inspiration from the architectural element of the “brise soleil” sun shading structures and working with wooden slats and washers, TÊTE DE BOIS seeks to create shapes that curve along a string, giving birth to a unique piece of headwear.

Light weight and incredibly comfortable, TÊTE DE BOIS headwear allows airflow and protects from sunlight by means of its wooden slats which block the sun’s rays.

TÊTE DE BOIS is being launched with 5 styles in 2 wood finishes: the Tanganika wood is light coloured while the Mahogany wood is dark.
Typical of the humid Ivory Coast forests, TANGANIKA is a strong and resistant wood. Belonging to the same family of the Walnut tree, the color is uniform with few dark grains.
The MAHOGANY grows exclusively in the Americas and is largely used in furniture making and boat building. Although this wood is hard it can be manipulated easily. It is distinguishable for its dense texture and few grains.
The slats are made from stratified pure virgin wood veneers, they are then calendared and layered to give strength and durability to the wood.
Made with woods coming from specific regenerating eco forests, TÊTE DE BOIS is a registered brand and a patented product, entirely MADE IN ITALY.